Competition inspires kids to do their best – not just good enough. When students compete, they learn more and more from each other, whether it is their failure or win. They will try to do more than is required every time they face someone. These abilities prepare children for future situations of all kinds. The ability to be competitive will give them an important edge. More importantly our goal is to motivate students so that they can find different ways to boost up their skills and be more creative along with this they also learn about their limitations and how to surpass them in mere amount of time. Writing encourages writers to widen their thoughts and emotions both internally and relationally. Not only do children have a chance to think about their own thoughts and feelings about a topic they may not have considered before, but to consider the larger world in a way they might not have before. In turn, essay contests can build self-esteem, since it gives you and others a chance give the child recognition and encouragement for a job well done! Plus, it provides a satisfying feeling of accomplishment to them.